First Post

In which I try to import notes already written on the FB page so those who find me can catch up with my ramblings.  I think I may add each note in a separate post.


The photo above is the shirt that started it all 6 years and 30 pounds ago. And I still wear that shirt. It is ragged and soft and good to sleep in or wear when I need comforting. And I want the articles of clothing I make to mean just as much to you.
The clothing I dye is not meant to be trendy or disposable. I want you to wear it and love it until it falls apart or, if you grow tired of it, to pass it along to someone else.
I do not use cheapie dye kits from the local big box discount store. I buy professional dyes and chemicals and spend a minimum of 2 days, sometimes more, to complete a garment. Each item is prewashed, preshrunk, and as colorfast as I can make it, which requires extra trips and treatment with other products. Dyes are set in a solar oven (thank you, Kelley, for teaching me the technique) which gets much hotter than your typical hot water method and provides more intense, richer colors. I often mix my own colors from the three basics. Sometimes I will mix them in a bottle, but more often I mix them on the garment during the dye process.
I rarely use natural dyes because of the mordants required to fix them and the huge amounts of water required. They may be “natural” but they doesn’t mean they are non-toxic or colorfast.
I haven’t yet figured out how to set blanket prices for items. I try not to buy from the usual wholesalers because I can’t find the sizes and cuts that I want. Most of what I can find from wholesalers is generic unisex (read “cut for men”) and rarely goes above a small version of 2x. (I am having to restrain myself here or I will go off on a rant about sexism and prejudice in clothing design. I can preach for an hour about pockets alone.)
It pisses me off to see a woman’s plus sized casual cotton shirt priced at almost $90 in a catalog, so I am trying to offer plus-sizes at reasonable prices. Especially as so much plus sized clothing looks like something my grandmother would wear. I troll the women’s wear companies in search of white cotton t-shirts on sale and buy them when I can. Larger women deserve bright, colorful clothing as much as anyone else.
And the point of all the rambling is that the price of a garment depends upon how much I have had to pay for the blank. I hope that in the future I will be able to find a wholesaler who offers what I want and I will be able to standardize pricing. Sorry. And, as my granny used to say, “You get what you pay for.”
Another goal for the future is to offer things made by my very talented friends and family and that may not always be fiber related. Stay tuned. And thank you very much for checking in.

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