Another Catch-up Note From FB

ffcover2The Meaning of the Term “Freak Flag”
Although I have the Urban Dictionary definition of the term “Freak Flag” in the page header I feel the need to elaborate on it because I have had conversations with people who seem to associate it with “dirty hippies” or “left wingers” or “rebels who want to be in your face” or “people who just want attention” and other things which I won’t quote here.
In simple terms, it means to be proud of who you are, to love yourself and those around you the best way you can, to never “hide your light under a bushel”, to never be ashamed of what you think or feel. Here are a few quotes from the musical “Shrek” that illustrate the point I am trying to make.
It’s time to stop the hiding
It’s time to stand up tall
Say hey world, I’m different
And here I am, splinters and all. . . .
It’s hard to be a puppet
So many strings attached
But it’s not the choice you made
It’s just how you were hatched
We are all products of our environment and have to get along with others and function in the society where we live. It is difficult to learn to think independently of those around us, to feel “different” from those we love and whose approval we crave. We need each other on all levels.
BUT, for whatever reasons, we think there is something wrong with us, that we should be ashamed of ____________ (fill in the blank) because life handed us ______________ (fill in this blank, too). And we isolate ourselves out of fear because we mistakenly think we do not fit in with the “crowd” we want to belong to so very badly. And for whatever reasons we can’t or don’t love ourselves for the beautiful creatures we really are.
We all do it all the time, mostly unconsciously. And we fail to realize that we are all connected, that we are all a part of an enormous, amazing, creation. So we judge and berate ourselves and that eventually leaks out to judgement and criticism of other people. And the things about others that upset us the most are the things about ourselves that we don’t like, are afraid of, or don’t want to face. We make excuses and cast blame outward. We lock ourselves in our own little cages and are afraid when the door opens. We smother our own curiosity. We become addicted to drama and excitement because it is a way to dodge the truth. Then we are subject to those who would make us puppets and sheep for their own purposes.
Flying your freak flag simply means that you are who and what you are and that you are not ashamed of it, that you love yourself warts and all. It does not mean that you are trying to intimidate, irritate, annoy, or dominate anyone else. It means that you are open to whatever comes your way and that you strive to meet it with love and understanding.
That does not mean that everything is sweetness and light. Far from it. We don’t live in Lala Land. Life isn’t fair. It’s dirty and messy and painful as well as incredibly beautiful.
I have often been accused of “speaking in bumpersticker” so here is another quotation for you. It is from “The Meaning of Gifts” by Rod McKuen.
Before befriending butterflies
You have to meet with midnight moths.
Perspective comes when poles
Are far enough apart
To have horizons at both ends.
I will climb down off of my soapbox now and relinquish the pulpit to someone else. Feel free to turn to your favorite song in the hymnal and belt it out loud, off key and out of tune or not. It’s your song. Fly your flag.

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