The lastLast FB Catch Up Post/Rant

I woke up this morning thinking of the women I met in flea markets who would look at my shirts and when I asked what size they were looking for would invariably tell me they were a size 2X. I could take one look at them and tell that was not so and would sometimes hold up a larger size to their back to see if it would fit and they would not buy it because of the labeled size, not because they liked it or thought they would feel good and have fun wearing it. BUT. BECAUSE. OF. THE. DAMNED. NUMBER. ON. THE. LABEL!!!!!!!!
And another person who recently contacted me about shirts and said she was looking for men’s sizes because she is large and she thought they would fit better.
So much body shame out there!!! I suppose I could go on a rant about sexism in women’s clothing, particularly when it comes to larger women, being one myself. And I well remember the despair and shame I felt as I would gain weight through the years and have to go up a size in clothing. And all the brainwashing by the fashion industry about our bodies and what is “healthy” (I could go on another rant about BMI, here).
Another very dear friend just tortured and starved and exercised herself into losing 88 pounds and went through 9 hours of outpatient plastic surgery to have a tummy tuck and breast implants. She told me she did not like for her husband to see her naked and she wanted to look like she did when they were married 20-something years ago. I can’t help but wonder why. What is wrong with this picture? I almost cried when she told me that she is always hungry.
And then there are the wholesalers who do not offer larger sizes cut specifically for women, just boxy square unisex (read, “mens”) shirts or if they offer women’s sizes they MIGHT go up to a 2X, rarely a 3x. The cute, feminine (meaning that we have boobs, guys) cuts are usually for the little gals with no belly to go with the boobs and often no hips, either.
So. . .my women’s shirts in particular are a way of small rebellion against that system. . . especially in light of the amazing women’s marches across the country yesterday. Am thinking of possible designs in shades of pink and red to continue the theme. I scour the catalogues and look for retail white cotton WOMEN’S shirts on sale and stock up when I can because I have not found what I want elsewhere and they laugh at me when I enquire about wholesale accounts. I am small potatoes to them.
Ladies, if you like it, if it is comfortable, and you feel good in it. . . who gives a flying toot what the label says? Not just with my shirts but with anything you wear. Strong beautiful women should not be afraid to fly their flags, especially now. Oh, dear Goddess, especially now.

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