Heart Shirts! Finally!

heart shirts

I finally figured out how to do hearts after much finagling around. I have been wrestling with them for a while. They turned out pretty well when I did it my way instead of trying to follow directions in books or on a video.  Story of my life.

It seems that they went over well with my FB friends so I will be doing adult sizes soon.  I have a vision of doing a line of hearts up the front or back of a tee relating to different chakras.  The rainbow progression.new shirts

I also spent some time splattering around with old dyes.  No particular patterns in mind, just using them up before the weather gets too hot to make them inert.  There are two trays of this sort of thing cooking in the solar oven now.

Finances have been tight this winter, I was hit with some huge medical bills, and I haven’t been able to order new dyes and blanks in a while.  I want to change my palette to more subtle, muted colors instead of the screaming brights that are normally done with tie-dye and see how well they go over.  I also want to get into a line of hand-dyed yarn based on local wildflowers and scenery.  Time will tell.  I have a long list of projects that will get done when they get done.  It is difficult not to become anxious about them.

So it goes.

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