Greetings!  It has been too long.  No excuses except for well. . . summer.  I haven’t been up for long and the brain is still fuzzy.  You have been on my mind, even though it has not exactly translated through my fingers.

I have been prowling through my files to see what I need to update you on.  I finally had official business cards made.  The new header is the front.  Ain’t it purdy?  I have actually gone all official and stuff and now have a federal tax ID, a wholesale license, and have incorporated as a LLC.  This is due to the kindness of the people who bought 18 shirts at a time and insisted I have all the official stuff in order.

There are several pairs of my iced dyed tights out in the wild now.  This pic has already appeared on the FB page.  This is Billie, who operates as my sidekick, extra brain, and motivator-in-chief.  Strong women wear my tights.

tough gal Billie

The experiments continue.  I need to photograph some of the latest ones to share.  I think I am an eternal neophyte and will never stop experimenting and investigating.

Also on the To-Do List is to sign up for HootSuite.  I have several internet accounts and it is a pain in the ass to stay on top of them all.  Two knowledgable people have pointed me in the HS direction so I hearby vow to tackle that project in the next day or two with the goal of posting across all platforms more regularly.

Stay tuned.  Love to you all.

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