Here is the link to the other place you can find me and where you can find other notes and pics  of my work.  Things are relatively new and I am being slow about “getting myself out there”.

And here is how to contact me:  freakflagdyeco@gmail.com

If I follow the perky advice from self appointed entrepreneur guru types I should focus on my product and do all sorts of backflips to convince you that you simply aren’t cool unless you wear my stuff. If you want to see it look me up on Facebook.

But there is more to me than that.  And I am not exactly a master at self-promotion.  So if people find me and find my pages an buy my stuff I will be delighted.  But I am not going to whore for a few dollars.  I do what I do because I love it.  I have spent my time as a little cog in the corporate machines and want to avoid ever going there again.  I sincerely doubt you will see me “optimizing my social media presence”.

I have posted the Urban Dictionary definition of Freak Flag somewhere in the header.  I chose the name because we all have quirks and characteristics that make us unique and I believe we should celebrate them.  We should love who and what we are.

I love color and light and the exploration of such.  Translating that into something as concrete as an article of clothing is an interesting challenge.  I am also an amateur photographer (more explorations of color and light there) and a wacko crazy gardener ( I don’t have a front lawn) among other things.  I am sure that ruminations on the other pies I have my fingers in will make their way into this blog.

So. . . if you have found your way this far. . . Welcome.  Pull up a chair, grab your beverage of choice and get comfy.  Let’s chat.

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