Back From Hibernation

It has been an interesting winter and it is not over yet. New Year, new computer, two boxes of new dyes, and a list of goals a mile long. Let’s hope that my grand ideas don’t fall by the wayside as so many New Year’s resolutions do. (I am still going to the gym three weeks into 2019 so there is hope.) Many thanks to those of you who have continued to follow my adventures and place orders. Stay tuned.

The list so far, not necessarily in order of priority, I like to multitask.

  • Figure out this new WordPress template. So far it is exhausting my list of swear words. It is too idiot-proof and not very flexible.
  • Figure out the quirks of the new computer. Switching from Mac to Windows 10 has been a trip. And then there is the new photo processing software.
  • Heat the garage!! Somehow, some way! There is an infrared heater running now. The walls and floor have to heat up a little before I can work out there. I recently learned a new term, “cold sink”. It can be nice and sunny outside and my workspace will still be miserable.
  • Find a nice online shopping platform. I am open to suggestions.
  • Make stuff!!! and make more stuff!! and make stuff again!!

Any good vibes, suggestions, comments, discussion, or positive ju-ju sent my way will be very much appreciated and rewarded by the karma gods.